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Reblog if you consider Nine your Doctor.


I’m doing a thing where i’m trying to find out which is the most popular revival regeneration.


For Ten.

For Eleven.

Classic Who Poll

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My God, have you seen yourselves? You all think you’re so clever, don’t you?

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The Ninth Doctor for noreallydont

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One of my favorite things about the Ninth Doctor is his stillness. Christopher Eccleston is so great at expressing emotion with very little movement. Because of that I feel Nine was the epitome of the Oncoming Storm. All that rage and pain simmering under the calm. The times he did rage and break felt true and powerful.

One of the things that I started noticing that he could do, that I don’t think any Doctor before or since has done, is he doesn’t do anything, quite a lot, and yet he’s still the center of attention. Everybody’s panicking, and people are shouting, and Christopher Eccleston, the ninth Doctor, is just standing there, doing practically nothing, just commenting on what’s going on. And you cannot take your eyes off him. He is absolutely the center of whatever’s going down.

Neil Gaiman, The Doctors Revisited: Ninth Doctor

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Shit the Doctor Says » “The Unquiet Dead" (S01E03)

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Shit the Doctor Says » “The End of the World" (S01E02)

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Eccleston Falls No More


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Shit the Doctor says » “Rose” (S01E01)

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So this is a series I’ve been working on, I love them all so much I don’t even have a favorite <3 I’ll try to do 12 as well but I want to get a feel for his character first…although doctor who doesn’t return for a LONG time :(

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